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Imagine waking up every morning feeling like
you are living your truth and can take on the world. How great does that feel?

Your well-being is in good hands

Have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome?

In 2020, I opened the doors of my practice to clients worldwide, offering them a
wide range of counseling and psychological services to guide them through life’s challenges and most trying times. Sometimes, seeking help from a certified expert
is the best way to put things into perspective. As a committed, professional Psychotherapist in Athens Greece, your well-being and mental strength are my top priority. I’m happy to guide you through life’s challenges with the attention and
care you deserve.

"The best way to find yourself is to
lose yourself  in the service of others" 

Mahatma Gandi


With you every step of the way

Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help from a professional Psychotherapist can make things better. I care about your well-being and provide you with all the tools you need in order to seize the day and learn
how to move through even the most traumatic circumstances.


About me

Gyasi Bramos Hantman was born in New York City and has always been passionate about transformation. Growing up in a diverse metropolis, he saw firsthand the struggles many people faced. This motivated him to pursue a B.A. degree in Psychology as well as a Master's in Social Work. 


Gyasi worked for St Francis Friends of the Poor, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing supportive services to homeless individuals with chronic mental illness. For over 10 years, Gyasi worked closely with this population, developing a deep understanding of the need for non-judgmental compassion in service. He was a leader through not only easy but incredibly traumatic times. His courage and commitment to the organization helped it to heal and move forward, earning him honorable distinctions for his service. With unquestionable integrity, he spent years transforming the organization to become better, and more transparent while not losing sight of the people who mean the most, the clients. 


Several years ago he moved to Athens, Greece where he applies his talents at the Institute of Core Energetics Greece. He holds the position of Associate Director, and junior teacher, and maintains a private practice. He also runs groups and workshops throughout Europe. He was affiliated with the Dutch Institute of Core Energetics (NICE) and is working on two projects: the first is to bring a transformational training program to the Greek institute, and the second,
a training course to support men struggling with pornography addiction.


Gyasi is passionate about helping people find their truth and is dedicated to finding and bringing forth authentic experiences. His story and experiences are as unique and diverse as the city he is from. He identifies as bi-racial and has a love for the myriad expressions of human experiences. The true gift comes from his courage to stay in vulnerability. He invites all those around him to experience true fulfillment in life.

Dry Plants

Gyasi Bramos Hantman

American Psychotherapy & Wellness

Contact me

Plateia Karytsi 5, Athens Greece

30 694 492 9423

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